Sunday, March 16, 2008

More pen sketches from Italy

I also sketched these views while sitting in the gardens below Casa Buitoni in Sansepolcro. I was there for business, but it was really relaxing to be able to sit there and sketch in such a beautiful location. I have to go there several more times this year, so I will undoubtedly have more opportunity to select new subjects and do more sketching.

The one image is the backside of Casa Buitoni which faces the garden and the other is the view though the trees of the village of Sansepolcro at the foot of the hill. Casa Buitoni is a beautiful villa purchased by Nestle corporation after they bought the Buitoni group. They gutted the place and completely rebuilt it with a pilot production line and stadium kitchen in the basement. There are 9 rooms for guests, dining rooms, a living room and sitting room. It's a very comfortable place to stay and inspirational as well.

Apricot tree in bloom and Casa Buitoni Neighbors

These paintings were done in about 1.5 hour each while sitting in the garden below Casa Buitoni in Sansepolcro, Italy. It was about 65 degrees F and sunny, a nice day indeed. They had been waiting for spring weather and I think it arrived the day after we flew in from LA. Painted on 140 Arches cold pressed.