Friday, August 29, 2008

Mesilla ,NM

I painted the church without doing a rough while sitting on a bench in the park. I ran out of time when Kathey, Christy and the kids came back to pick me up, so I didn't correct all the value issues. Later after studying the painting, I decided to try some alternate value schemes. These schemes are not what I actually saw, but they make a stronger picture. I guess that's the main lesson here. If I were to paint a studio version of this painting, I would follow one of the more dramatic value schemes in the thumbnails.

Slick Rock Park near Sedona, AZ

I did these thumbnails of a fruit packing barn in Slide Rock State Park near Sedona. I didn't have time to do the larger painting, but the experiments on color and value were interesting. These are really small. just a few inches square.