Sunday, May 14, 2006

Soka University Abandoned House 5-13-06

Watercolor done on site Soka University grounds 5-13-06 (12x16)

This watercolor was a bit large for a quick on site painting. I started paying too much attention to detail considering I had 3 hours or so to start and finish the painting. It was a good exercise for me with a wide range of values to deal with. The location was great and I had several other inspirations for paintings that I would love to go back and paint sometime.

I went with my son Craig again, who starts back up at Art Center this week, so it may be some time until we have a chance to go together again. Hr has a digital landscape painting class this semester and I hope to be able to learn from him as he experiences this class.

Our family has a trip scheduled to Kanab, Utah on Memorial day and I will be bringing my painting equipment, so I hope I will be able to post some additional work that will get done on that trip.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Malibu Creek State Park 5-6-06

Gouache painted on site (8x10)

Gouache painted on site (8x10)

Gouache painted on site (13x10)

These sketches were done at Malibu Creek State Park on the same day in the order shown. You can see how the light changed from overcast to sunny as the day progressed. It was a beautiful day with a breeze. Sitting under an oak tree in the shade and enjoying the view was really relaxing.

I went with my son Craig who was on break between semesters at Art Center College of Design. The spot we chose was opposite the old MASH set across Malibu Creek. We saw many families, hikers and equestrians coming down the road as we sat and painted.

Charmlee 4-29-06

Watercolor sketch done on site (12x16)

Water color sketch painted on site (12x16)

Gouache sketch done above Point Dume (5x8)

These three paintings were done on the same day at Charmlee Park above Malibu. It was a great day starting out a bit overcast and then getting sunnier.