Sunday, May 14, 2006

Soka University Abandoned House 5-13-06

Watercolor done on site Soka University grounds 5-13-06 (12x16)

This watercolor was a bit large for a quick on site painting. I started paying too much attention to detail considering I had 3 hours or so to start and finish the painting. It was a good exercise for me with a wide range of values to deal with. The location was great and I had several other inspirations for paintings that I would love to go back and paint sometime.

I went with my son Craig again, who starts back up at Art Center this week, so it may be some time until we have a chance to go together again. Hr has a digital landscape painting class this semester and I hope to be able to learn from him as he experiences this class.

Our family has a trip scheduled to Kanab, Utah on Memorial day and I will be bringing my painting equipment, so I hope I will be able to post some additional work that will get done on that trip.


mackaydesign said...

Looks better than I remember and it looked good before. Did you do any further touching up on the painting after you got home?

sponie said...

You sly devil! Yes I put a blue wash on the shadow areas of the wall facing you to drop the value down a bit. I also painted the pine needles in the upper right hand corner wet into wet and then did a few individual needles. Otherwise the rest of the painting was as done on site.

In this case, the photo I took as reference revealed the need for the adjustment to the shadow values. I made the change that evening in the garage before I went to bed.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful paintings!! AWESOME!!

sponie said...

Thanks for your kind words!