Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spice Market, Istanbul

This is a view of the Spice Market and a nearby Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.  The weather was cold and rainy, so I painted indoors from my laptop.  My wife Kathey is in the black coat walking towards us.  Pen and watercolor in my small notebok.


Aristatolis said...

nice blog

Alina Chau said...


Stéphane Kardos said...

I went to Istanbul in 2005...I loved it, one of the best destination ever for me. People were so friendly in the streets as I was sketching, they were offering me tea.
You seem to travel a lot, great for sketching :)

sponie said...

Yes, I hope I am able to go to Istanbul again. Wonderful people, great food and a beautiful city with so much history!

Thank you, Aristatolis, Alina and Stephane.

Mackay Family said...

Great painting!